Bangladesh : A State Of Hope ।

Mahamudul Hasan Sourav :

Bangladesh : A State Of Hope

What lies ahead of us as we live in a country of fear and superstitions where people still dies of dengue fever as a result of personal or institutional rivalries between political leaders of the country? What should we do in such situations like rape, kidnapping, extra judicial killings, adolescent grouping, violence upon minority people etc.! Who will emerge to solve these problems we are facing right now? Who will be the savior of the society?

On that question everybody will indicate their finger to the young generation of the country. The people who are aged minimum 18 years to the maximum of 35 years. But what is the real situation now? How are those people passing their day by day? If we see thoroughly maximum number of the young generation are unemployed. And the people who go in a good position are less in number but they built their nest in foreign countries; and because of that the development we are talking about or needs to happen is struggling to find its early base.


If a country needs development the education sector of that country must be established as a good one. Solid foundation can help a child to grow as a useful citizen of the country who can become a part of the development process, we call ourselves “The Role Model ” of the developing countries! How much of the truth lies behind this paper status? Are we still a middle developed country? Then we should count on how much the poverty rate has been decreased, how much the education system developed, how good the minorities have been treated, how independent the women of the country became, how well the people of the country with good and strong thoughts are working in infrastructural sectors instead of depending on foreign people, how properly the judicial system is working, how the research sector in universities is functioning with young energetic and meritorious students along with teachers etc. etc.

If we rate these factors on a scale of 10, the result… I mean the real result will come within the numbers of 4 or 5 which is not enough for a role model status among the developing countries.

Extra judicial killings, rape/discrimination/
assault on women is still out in the society.

There are still child marriages happening in the country where a girl is given to some old aged people as a name of marriage for a little amount of money.
There are still a large number of unemployed graduates are looking for a job which has become rare than an Egyptian mummy! Every sectors of the government run office has become polluted with corruption. Young people looks to get a job in private sectors rather than govt. sectors because of corruption in recruiting process in govt. based jobs.
Administrative jobs are given to the “NEAREST & DEAREST” of the powerful political leaders on the basis of how well one can give a big amount of money or political service.


Young generation do not have the interest to join politics because the political system of this subcontinent is far more complicated and corrupted and uglier than the western countries.

Here in the sub-continent, wrong and manmade religious matters still influence the life of people. The trend of hating minority people or hating people who follows other religious belief is still out in the societies of sub-continent countries. Especially in India-Bangladesh and Pakistan, there are still people of the minority group is being assaulted or harassed by some powerful people who are less in number but effective in manipulating general people of the country. By the use of social media, spreading ill contents and wrong information has become easy and using the sentiments or hurting in the soft corner of the people it’s easy to manipulate them in big way. As a result harmony between people demolishes.

In order to make a good society and a better country the decreasing of corruption and ill feelings is needed the most. As well as the establishment of good educational base, research on the higher grounds, pulling out all kinds of discrimination between men and women, by stopping extra judicial killings, by stopping the assaults on women and minorities, by stopping child abusing and many more.

Only infrastructural development doesn’t make a society or a developed country. It is the modernization on the thoughts and establishing equality among all makes a country and its people developed.

We still hope the day will come when we will say…no! We can say that we are the people of a country which is really a role model among others.

Long live Bangladesh!

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Department of Communication and Journalism

University of Chittagong

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