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Responsibilities Mission and Goals of a Media Company

Md. Saiful Islam:

Responsibilities , Mission and Goals of a Media Company :


1. Stockholders/owners
2. Employees 
3. Customers

1. Stockholders/ Owners- Employees – Customers
2. Employees – Stockholders/ Owners – Customers
3. Customers – Employees – Stockholders 

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Mission :

1. Know and serve the market
2. Produce quality product or service 
3. Attract, train, promote,and keeping best possible employees 
4. Increase and maintain profit 
5. Position the Organization to person in the future 
6. Protect the company’s franchise .

Goals :

1. Increase the editorial staff
 Increase the advertising staff
3.  Increase employees wages
4. Invest in new technology 
 Increase marketing effort 
6. Saving money

Responsibilities of Circulation Department :

1. Selling the Newspaper 
    a. Person to person selling 
    b. Selling at counters and on the street 


    c. Selling by direct mail
    d. Selling in installment plan

2. Delivering the newspaper 
    a. The immediate community 
    b. The outlying territory 

3. Collecting money
4. Packing 
5. Labeling 
6. Agency Relations
7. Print order
8. ABC Audit
9. Circulation promotion 
10. Public relation 
11. Transportation  

1.Managing Media Organizations – John M. Lavine Daniel ( page 67-71 )
2. Newspaper Organization and Management – F. Rucker and H. L. Williams

Media Company
Writer : Student 
4th Year (21st Batch)
Department of Communication and Journalism 
University Of Chittagong  

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